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A private non-profit organization serving people with disabilities

A Word from our CEO

Development Homes has long had the tag line, “Partners in Human Growth”. This serves as an apt description of our
relationship with all of our stakeholders across the community and state. You are our partners in creating an inclusive
community,where people with disabilities can live normal and productive lives.

True inclusion occurs when people with differences are accepted and treated with respect in our community, and when we can see the tangible results in our everyday lives. You are a partner with us in this effort in many ways; as parents,guardians, employers, landlords, business owners, vendors, and service providers, to mention a few.
You are also a partner when you are a friend to an individual, or simply demonstrate acceptance of people you encounter in your daily life.

DHI has a long history of promoting deinstitutionalization and of serving people in the least restrictive manner, going
back 40 years to our inception. This is a tradition we are proud to be a part of in our state’s history. Many of you
will remember a time when there were more people with developmental disabilities served in state institutions,
per capita, than any other state in the country, and that we spent the least of any state, per person, on that care.

With the help of the Arc Lawsuit, providers like DHI have been able to make a real difference. It has been an exciting
ride to be part of a true civil rights movement over these 40 years! We celebrate these changes and we thank our
“Partners” for your help in making this happen!

          Work with pride and wear with pride

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Take your receipt to Pam in the Business Office at DHI’s Corporate Office along with full payment. Orders will NOT be place until it is paid in full.