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Residential Services

  • Representative Payee Services

    Representative Payee Services: provide services for persons supported by DHI, including families or individuals supported in employment/community services as well. DHI is responsible for payment of bills, managing the income and expenses along with documentation of these services. We will complete any necessary paperwork for re-certification and Social Security i.e., report income as required.

  • Private Pay Support Services

    Private Pay Support Services: provides customized supports to meet Individualized needs by entering into a contract that lists out specifically what DHI will assist with, and how often we would meet to provide the support charging time in 15 minute increments.

  • Qualified Service Provider

    Qualified Service Provider: DHI provides services both through Grand Forks County Social Services and DD. The North Dakota Department of Human Services funds and administers home and community-based services for the aged and disabled including Qualified Service Provider as an Agency (QSP). DHI is a designated provider delivering the following in-home services: chore service, homemaker service, personal care service, non-medical transportation and respite care service per contract.

  • Section 11

    Section 11: This is program similar to SLA however the Individual is not MA eligible. Section 11 is a DD authorized program. The agency delivers 1 to 2 hours of support weekly as needed. This program does not have QPS services or PCSP developed as in SLA.

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