Day Support Programs

  • ACES (Accessing Community Employment Solutions)

    ACES (Accessing Community Employment Solutions)

    The ACES program offers employment skill building focus, with pre-employment skills training, in the technology and career center. The pre-employment skill building topics are work related, and cover issues relevant to employment. Such topics may include; work readiness (attire, hygiene) work place safety (OSHA, forklift safety, harassment), task completion, social etiquette, handling frustrations at work and with co-workers, job seeking (interview skills, resume writing, completing applications), bus training.



    A day support program that provides multidisciplinary, comprehensive, and individualized services to adults who have been diagnosed with Autistic Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome or Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS. The programs foundation is built upon functional daily life skills, to ensure that the people served have the skills necessary to be as self-reliant as individually possible. Primarily, our Genesis program works with individuals to develop volunteer opportunities and potential volunteer sites.

  • HOME-BASED ( DS medically fragile program)

    HOME-BASED ( DS medically fragile program)

    This program is not necessarily job/task oriented. Services include medical/personal care assistance, instruction in skills that a person wishes to learn with the focus being that we assist this person to keep and enhance their independence, such as; self-help skills, community living/self-sufficiency skills, fine and gross motor development, social/interpersonal adjustment, and receptive/expressive communications. The services are provided in-home at various DHI Group Living Facilities and or at the person’s place of residence.

  • THE GATHERING PLACE (DS senior retirement program)

    Senior supports are provided for older persons at retirement, or persons who have needs that closely resemble those of an older person, who desire a lifestyle consistent with that of the community’s population of similar age or circumstances. This support is intended to facilitate independence and promote community inclusion as well as prevent isolation. Senior supports consist of a variety of activities that are designed to assist the person in maintaining skills and stimulating social interactions with others. The retirement plan is the final model within the DHI work model. We at DHI recognize that when a person reaches the age of retirement that their needs, interests and supports change. This component allows people to have a balance of keeping connected and yet allowing time for reflection and relaxation. The activities are individualized and may occur in any community setting, including the person’s place of residence.